Barnabé Fillion is a nose,  a french perfume designer.
Whose studies of botany, phytology, and his first mix of home-made remedies and drinks, provided him with the desire of mixing smells.

Coming from an aesthetic background, very visual, but still you can touch it.
But with scents it is completely different, at the beginning it was very abstract,  evoking all these emotions of places and memories.
So, not at all as a commercial endeavor, he created a project to be able to translate very specific memories.

He was searching for the person to guide him and he was stubborn enough to find her.
She helped him to translate it, she taught him the base of the art of perfumery in a certain direction, related to his aesthetic world.
It was a lot of work but it became very clear that he was starting a new fantastic dialogue with senses .
Then, another  perfumer taught him the technical bases of what he has developed for 7 years now, a unique manner to perceive perfumery.
Each one of his mentors had a very different point of view, working on different world which allowed him to see very quickly the different facets of perfumery.

For two years now, he's working in collaboration with Mane (fragrance company) and the great Christine Nagel, where he's developing his projects.

Collaborating with a number of niche perfume houses as well as fashion brands, art projects and magazines on fragrances,  often focusing on natural ingredients and inspired by travels.

Being also a model for different fashion house for more than 10 years where he also made his first creative steps as photographer and stylist.

Barnabé has a particularly interest in playing with the idea between innovation and tradition.
Always searching and working on very different domains where perfumery can be apply, by searching the limits of its territory and its possibilities to find a new way of making perfumes, a new manner to feel perfumes.
A craft oriented perfumery focus on the process, committed with the "savor-faire" and the beauty of the "materia prima".

He has worked with :

• The London-based fashion designer Von Sono for her perfume " Higher Power".
• The Caravane parisian deco boutique for the perfume "parfum de Sieste".
• Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes for his first perfume "64".
• Double You, a niche perfume house for the perfumes" Zanzibar and Norway".
• He has collaborated with Nacho Carbonell for Odor at Design Miami/Basel.
• Li Edelkoort for “Infusing Travels” during the “Tinctorial” exhibition.
• Different creations  for Bloom Magazine.
• On various projects with the photographer Marie Taillefer.
• He also worked in the last winter 2012 with the famous italian textile brand Rubelli.
• He made a candle inspired by the Indigo for the brand Heartwear.
• He made the first perfume for LI EDELKOORT "Fetisso".
• His latest commissioned work, Paul Smith man and woman fragrances "Portrait".